Microster - Efficient Workforce Management

Microster delivers workforce management for many industries that have complex union EBAs, modern awards and regulatory environments since 1996. Our solution allows you to manage your largest business costs by providing accurate and correct data for payroll processing and we have never missed a pay run.

The Microster Workforce Management Solution delivers reduced overtime and payroll costs, provides control over your labour, automates time & attendance, reduces errors and improves workforce efficiency. Microster helps ensure that organisations are compliant with workforce regulations, integrates with HR and payroll systems and provides a positive effect on overall business results.

Our Australian designed and supported Award Interpreter handles any one or multiple complex EBAs to produce fully costed timesheets that integrate with your Payroll system. Thereby reducing the need for payroll data entry by as much as 80% and driving down Payroll queries by up to 50%.

We work with key organisations in sectors like Transport, Ports, Rail, Health & Aged Care, Government, Security, Hospitality & Services providing a range of operational capabilities covering on-site, SaaS, Self Service and Mobility that enables deployment and management of the endless changing workforce requirements.

There are inherent advantages to bringing together key elements of time and attendance, human resources, and payroll systems. At Microster we deliver projects on time and on budget based on customer requirements.

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