Health & Aged Care.

Meeting the complex requirements of patient care in a variety of settings, while controlling costs.

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We understand the many challenges of managing a health & aged care workforce.

With health care professionals on the move, visiting patients at home, in a hospital, or in an aged care facility, scheduling with both patient requirements and employee preferences taken into consideration
can become complex


Drive Efficiency.

Automating manual tasks for administrators and enabling self-service across your workforce.


Better utilisation of
your resources, ensuring optimum
patient care.

Mobile Workforce.

Our client services module enables you to manage your off-site workforce effectively & efficiently.

Centralised Administration.

Whether dozens of staff in one location or thousands across multiple, our solution provides you with the centralised administrative capability you need to run your business more efficiently.


With high numbers of remote or mobile staff, providing them with the right tools is critical to your business. Our mobile ready applications improve employee productivity. New, cancelled or changed appointments are automatically sent through to the employees’ mobile device, updating their schedule for the rest of the day. The solution also provides staff with the ability to access their schedules, accept & reject shifts, update availability and view & submit leave requests.

Payroll Integration.

Seamless integration into your existing payroll system eliminates the need for manual intervention. ComOps WFM ensures that the correct hours are transferred automatically to payroll. Our client billing option enables accurate and timely invoices to be generated based on the care provided when required.

Simple Scheduling & Rostering.

Take the complexity out of allocating labour at the time of scheduling while enabling compliance with complex patient requirements, including client preferences and service history. Optimise the travel route between patient for Client & Field requirements. Simplify the time-consuming and complex task of staff scheduling and generating the optimum schedule every time.

Time & Attendance.

From biometric devices to mobile applications, ComOps’ time collection options put an end to the laborious task of manually collecting and entering employee time sheet information. Our automated data collection provides real-time insight when needed. 


Our fully integrated reporting suite provides information when you need it. 

Volume Rostering.

Optimise rosters based on variation in attendance numbers.

Award Interpretation.

From interpreting employee time sheets to costing rosters, our comprehensive award interpretation manages the most complex work rules.


ComOps WHS lowers overall risk and can help ensure the safety of your workforce. It provides you with an auditable account, documenting the procedures used and the results of the identification, notification, analysis and mitigation process. 

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ComOps provides effective Workforce Management Solutions including Rostering & Scheduling, Award Interpretation, Labour Cost Management, Fatigue Risk Management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Employee Self‐Service Portals, Risk Management & Safety Compliance and Workforce Analytics.

ComOps has clients in global Ports, Retail, Hospitality, Childcare, Airports, Temporary Staff Services, Government and Construction. ComOps is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has ISO 9001 Accreditation.
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